List of scientific publications -2020

Publications in scientific journals

Peranić, J., Moscariello, M., Cuomo, S., Arbanas, Ž. Hydro-mechanical properties of unsaturated residual soil from a flysch rock mass, Engineering Geology, 269, 105546 (2020), ISSN 0013-7952.

Publications in conference proceedings

Peranić J, Moscariello M, Cuomo S, Arbanas Ž (2020) Determination of hydraulic conductivity and shear strength properties of unsaturated residual soil from flysch rock mass. In: 4th European Conference on Unsaturated Soils (E-UNSAT 2020), E3S Web Conf, Lisabon, 19-21 October 2020.

Arbanas, Ž., Jagodnik, V., Peranić, J., Pajalić, S., Prodan, M.V. and Čeh, N. (2020) Physical Model of Rainfall Induced Landslide in Flume Test: Preliminary Results. Physical Modelling, p.115.

Graduate and undergraduate thesis

Maksimović, S. (2020) Analysis of surface displacements on slope model. Master thesis. University of Rijeka. Faculty of Civil Engineering.